Great for the garden

Tomatoes growing in your pain.

Yes we are 2 weeks in and the tommies are just loving your anxiety. The little bits of paper with your concerns written on them are beginning to fade and break down into mulch now. It’s very satisfying to behold. I am particularly pleased to see the words “family” and “parents” fade into the dirt because worrying about family members is a totally futile enterprise. I have devoted many many hours boring people with how worried I am about x or y, and of course it changed nothing. Except that the hours spent worrying were not spent being funny or creative or helpful.  And how ridiculous to assume my concern would be so powerful and moving that it could alter the behavious of another person !!When have I ever acted or not acted because of someone else’s concerns? Exactly never times. That’s how many.  But in saying that I suppose we all sit around wishing good things on our siblings and parents. Well siblings at any rate…And what is the difference between wishing and worrying? I guess wishing implies something positive and hopeful while worrying is  really an expression of poor faith, a glass half empty kind of outlook.


 At the end of my Fringe Festival Show, The Care Factor, I invited, or kind of forced, my audience to write down their worries. I swore Iwasn’t going to read them out or identify the writer.  Instead I promised to take those little toxic concerns and turn them into something nourishing, worthwhile, even beautiful.  And today I finally got my expansive arse into gear and mixed the little scraps of paper with poo from my chooks. I added the tomatoes to the mix and hopefully in a few weeks we will have a bumper crop.

Today was tomato project day one.

Flyer to my debut show "The Care Factor" for the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010